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To develop a successful identity strategy, we need to understand your core values, philosophies, and the culture behind what drives your company. This understanding will form the foundation of your identity and is the first step in creating a solid corporate identity. Hire us to create and lead focus groups, develop and analyze surveys, run a test market and/or investigate your competition.

Name and Slogan

Names and slogans are powerful. The right name can make all the difference in your image. Each word used in a name or slogan has a distinct meaning and must be carefully selected. Get the name and slogan right and your branding is halfway there. For 15 years, our name and slogan creation process has helped successfully brand local, regional and national clients.


Simply put, your company’s logo is your recognizable identification in the marketplace. It must work well within your identity strategy to communicate and project your desired image. The meaning of the icon is the key element. The concept behind the symbol promotes your identity. Our logos have been recognized nationally for their effective design and have been published in several international industry publications because of their excellence.


Consistency is our creed. The visual elements are usually presented on letterheads, envelopes, forms and business cards. The Visual Identity Graphic Standard Guide is made up of primary and secondary colors, primary and secondary fonts, taglines, graphic elements, approved uses and incorrect uses of the logo. We will take you through the process of identifying the visual elements that will effectively become your Visual Identity Graphic Standard Guide.


Present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the global marketplace, you have pages of full color messages that promote your business, values, mission and services. If you build a quality content management website and keep it updated, interactive and engaging….they will find you. We create custom websites in-house and hire the most appropriate programmers for the functions you need to build your success online.


Signage represents a one-time cost, but continues to advertise for years. Make sure you set a large enough budget for signs and graphics when opening a new location, especially if the building is in a high traffic area. Our Creative Director has extensive background in the creation and manufacturing process of signage and has the unique ability to design, specify and manage the fabrication of the proper signage to create the right first impression of your business.


Complete or add to your company’s identity with interior or exterior graphics, murals, door and window vinyl, reception signs, or wall banners. Use location graphics to ensure a pleasurable experience for your visitors with good way-finding signs outside and inside your building. Ask us to conduct a site survey and we will present ideas that will further promote your identity and enhance your image.

Promotional Materials

Print marketing materials such as brochures, flyers and product sheets open lines of communication by creating brand awareness, drawing attention and have staying power. People even give them to others who need your products or services. Don’t underestimate the value of a well developed set of marketing materials for your business. Our copy and creative team will help you produce consistent identity solutions for your target market.

Vehicle Graphics

Mobile advertising is a powerful tool! A recent study by Outdoor Advertising Magazine shows that 99% of respondents believe that mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising. Don’t underestimate the power of mobile billboards to add a cost-effective layer to your branding success plan. If you think vehicle wraps are just for delivery trucks, think again. We have developed vehicle wraps for more than 80 vehicles in the past 5 years.


Traditional advertising relied heavily upon print ads in publications – and that has declined steeply as the internet has become our source of choice for information. Skip the traditional ad placement and initiate a campaign that includes: TV, email marketing, online advertising and social media announcements. Ask us to develop a plan that focuses on using current media to connect you with your audience where they will hear you the most.