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The Proportions of Man

by Margie Kuhn

Opening Reception – Final Friday
September 27, 2019 5:30 – 9:00 pm
at Tallgrass Studios

Show runs September 27October 18, 2019

A Lawrence native, Margie Kuhn received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Kansas. A full-time artist, she works daily in her home studio with the assistance of two Cornish Rex cats.

Margie has based this installation of drawings on the extensive studies of ideal human proportions produced by Albrecht Dürer from 1512 to 1528. She examines how those ideals translate through history and how our society represents icons, idols, and ideals in contemporary material culture. Focusing solely on drawings, Margie looks at the role of drawings as fine art, as well as being a record of the thinking process.

To see more of Margie’s work visit her website margiekuhn.com or follow her on Instagram #margiekuhnart

Image: The Proportions of Man: Kings

Graphite on paper, 22×30”

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