Megan Miller

You may have heard this before…

How many accountants does it takes to change a light bulb?

Let me run a few numbers and I’ll get back to you.

[Rim shot.]

Megan Miller knows all the accounting jokes, but in her role as Tallgrass Studios’ Director of Financial Operations and Fulfillment, she does her best to defy the stereotype.

Her degrees include an MBA with an accounting emphasis, and she’s worked for a variety of companies, gaining experience in both financial accounting and internal auditing. Megan’s a pro at balancing the books and keeping us on a firm financial footing, so being calm, composed, and methodical are part of her approach, but she reconciles all of it with a personal style that exudes friendliness, positivity, and humor.

“The creative environment here has fostered a more inventive way of performing my job,” Megan says, “as well as spilling into a more adventurous way of life.

“I get to do what I love to do—highly detailed work, reporting and analyzing data, ensuring internal accountability, all those things—but I feel like being part of the Tallgrass Studios team has allowed me to flourish and grow, both personally and professionally.”

That’s a bottom line that anyone can appreciate.

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