Ronak Bhakta

“In today’s world, we perceive a business as a person. We personify each activity, business decision, tweet or press release as an emotional belief backed by a single voice. How your audience feels about ‘you’ is as important as a beautiful logo or a crafty slogan.”

Working from the Albuquerque office of Tallgrass Studios, Ronak provides excellent client interface through his role as Director of Fulfillment. A key piece of the Tallgrass experience for clients is the highly developed fulfillment process carried out under Ronak’s direction. In the world of fulfillment, Tallgrass’ focus is on efficiency and cost containment, not on using fulfillment and inventory management as a separate profit center.

Ronak ensures fulfillment needs are met with efficiency and manages the system to allow Tallgrass clients to more easily manage the process of ordering, inventory control and accounting for projects on a monthly basis at the corporate level and among multiple locations. Working closely with Tallgrass’ Director of Design, fulfillment goes beyond ordering and shipping to ensure fresh, relevant materials delivered on time to any client location. Partnering with Tallgrass’ Director of Digital to keep the reporting and inventory management feature for your business current and effective, Ronak can easily become a new best friend for your accounting office.

Coming to Tallgrass in 2010 with a background in sales and account management with Verizon Wireless, consumer behaviorism and research are strong interests that have aided Ronak in his work with Tallgrass clients. As Director of Fulfillment, Ronak assures that there will be a seamless alignment with production and presentation of the clients’ message to maintain the effectiveness of Tallgrass Studios’ work. A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in Marketing and Advertising, Ronak particularly enjoys working with clients to clarify and understand how their business works to effectively target marketing efforts. Businesses across the nation have benefited from Ronak’s work creating reporting methods for print collateral needs, streamlining the order process and managing their company websites to communicate their brand and message thoroughly and effectively.

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