To create empowering messages, produce effective designs, and implement appropriate solutions that cultivate growth and sustainability.


Tallgrass Studios’ culture is made up of everything that makes living on the prairie an adventure! Working with people who share our vision to strengthen communities, we blaze trails for a better way of life as a pioneering, unique design organization that drives businesses forward.

We abide by these values:

Bright Stars
DETERMINATION: Exceed client expectations

Open Skies
CREATIVITY: Expand big ideas with open minds

Strong Winds
COMMUNICATION: Compose empowering messages

Flint Hills
ENDURANCE: Explore appropriate solutions

Native Grasses
INTEGRITY: Preserve relationships with honesty

Prarie Fire
PASSION: Fuel design with enthusiasm

Deep Roots
CONNECTION: Strengthen communities

“I enjoy working with clients who are making a difference in our world.

Positive change is the foundation on which Tallgrass was built.” – Carey Graber


Tallgrass Studios’ corporate office is located in the center of the United States. We owe our name to the native Kansas grass called Big Bluestem: Our first office, in an 1860 limestone building located on a 160-acre farm, overlooked more than 46 acres of Native Prairie, loaded with Big Bluestem that grew six to 10 feet tall. With just the right point of view, the grass seemed to touch the sky.

Three primary goals drive our company:

“To build strong relationships with people interested in making the world a better place.”

“To work on projects that aim to change the world we live in.”

“To create brands and campaigns that will inform, educate and receive a direct response.”

Carey Graber formed Tallgrass Studios in the year 2000, while working as an Adjunct Professor/Director of The Arts Group (a senior level internship program) at the University of Kansas (KU). Graber’s experience before accepting the position at KU included working as an intern for Pizza Hut Incorporated, a designer for Bob Neace Graphic Design, Assistant Art Director for Woods Creative Group and Art Director, Creative Director and Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Art & Sign Incorporated.

Tallgrass grew quickly, creating brands and implementing social-marketing campaigns and in 2002, Carey left KU to focus on Tallgrass Studios. Graber still enjoys teaching students and never turns down the opportunity to critique a student’s portfolio and/or lecture on social-awareness marketing.

Since the company began, campaigns have included safe drinking amongst college students, recognition and referrals for mental-health issues in public schools, parent education and encouragement for raising local teens, awareness and education on the importance and development of the early years and education about end-of-life care issues.

Local clients enjoyed driving out to the prairie different times of the year to enjoy the colors of the landscape, but as the company grew, so did the need for easier access, better internet service and a bigger space. In 2007 Tallgrass moved into another stone building, relocating to historic downtown Lawrence.

Today, Tallgrass Studios is a full-service visual-communications firm offering image branding, creative design, direct marketing, implementation and fulfillment, social awareness, and multi-media and website design and management. Clients include national hospice organizations, local and regional public schools, not-for-profit agencies, medical practices, large corporations, retailers, manufacturers, small businesses and professional services.

To remain relevant in the Information Age, Tallgrass offers clients a unique, custom-designed intranet website to place orders, search past designs, review ordering history and use as a communication tool. Tallgrass employs state-of-the-art equipment and software and pays for continuing education to stay current.

And in August 2014 Tallgrass opened a new remote office in Albuquerque, NM. Stay tuned…we have many more trails to blaze.

Tallgrass Studios