Is It Time to Outsource Your Marketing Inventory Management?

Today’s fast-paced world demands marketing materials be produced and delivered faster than ever. At the same time, marketing teams are under increasing pressure to improve ROI and cut operating costs wherever possible.

That’s why in this cost-conscious business environment, more and more brands are implementing streamlined solutions for tracking their print inventory, managing warehousing, and processing orders.

Utilizing Inventory Management Services

As a part of your marketing supply chain, inventory management is a process that sucks time and money from your operations and requires large amounts of space. On top of your day-to-day tasks, managing inventory on-site requires operating a warehouse, balancing inventory levels, and manually fulfilling orders. All of this eats valuable time you could use to focus on other aspects of your business.

Tallgrass Studios helps you outsource your inventory management by keeping track of your marketing materials and providing full-service fulfillment, including:

Why Your Business Should Use Marketing Fulfillment Services

Think about the internal costs of creating marketing collateral. What is involved? Labor, expensive equipment, training to run that equipment, more staff, new software and systems, and lots of physical space.

Is managing all of that a good use of your time? Or could you achieve better results if you spent more time focused on something else?

With marketing fulfillment services, you hire a specialist to handle the responsibilities of designing, printing, inventory, online management, storage, reporting, and shipping your marketing materials. Fulfillment is a manageable service instead of the ongoing process of supporting equipment, space, and a host of specialized staff.

A Custom Online Storefront: Our team of developers configures a website to fit your needs. Keep your marketing materials in one place, easily make changes, see live interactive customizations, and implement an order approval process.

  • Order Processing: Easily order new materials online and track each step from processing to shipment. A comprehensive order history is available online for each user and location.
  • Production: Stay on top of orders and print a year’s worth of marketing materials. The more you print, the more you save.
  • Storing inventory: Stop stacking unlabeled boxes of marketing collateral in random corners of your office. We hold your materials in a climate-controlled environment with 100,000 square feet of warehousing space.
  • Reporting: You must be up to date on your inventory to effectively implement a strong marketing strategy. Tallgrass will monitor inventory for you and provide monthly reports. Get real-time visibility of your orders and current inventory online.

Using an inventory management service means your business will have the products you need, at the proper levels, with quick access — all at a controlled price.

Customize Your Order Website

Large public-facing fulfillment websites might have a lot of options, but they don’t serve your business directly. Anyone can access these websites and order unapproved designs that create a crack in your business’s messaging.

With a custom built storefront, you can extend oversight on your company’s collateral spending and control the branding narrative.

Add multiple users to your private online store with comprehensive account management including multiple levels of access and an approval process to decline or authorize orders.

Handling Your Inventory

A warehouse has many moving parts, and when done poorly, it impacts production flow and gives the competition a head start at reaching your customers.

Effective material handling isn’t only sorting and loading; it also involves physical material integrity, detailed organization, and time management.

Thorough inventory management ensures marketing materials are kept safe and stored correctly to avoid damage. Our warehouse is organized efficiently, so orders are easy to pick and pack for outgoing shipments.

Additionally, our handling operation includes scheduling and routing for the most reliable delivery.

Processing Marketing Collateral Orders

Managing an order processing system requires a considerable amount of internal resources and can quickly become an obstacle in your marketing plan. Keeping your materials up to date and consistent is a big task; especially for companies with multiple locations.

Reduce the in-house workload and keep your business moving right on schedule by outsourcing inventory management. Tallgrass Studios’ order processing solutions help track orders and manage timelines for all your printed materials.

After an order is placed in your custom storefront, your materials are processed and shipped within 5-10 days, and you receive a tracking notification via email. Your order history is accessible online for easy planning, reporting, and budgeting.

If you want to streamline your supply chain, cut costs, and increase efficiency in managing your marketing materials, contact Tallgrass Studios today.