Our 10 step process

The roadmap to success


Step 1


A deep-dive into the company and industry to determine who customers and competition are, as well as identifying potential issues or opportunities.

Step 2


Knowledge gained in the research stage is evaluated to figure out how it can inform a strategy and concept.

Step 3


Defining the plan of action. What the company stands for and how it should present itself to elicit the desired response is determined.


Step 4


Bridging the gap between the idea of the company and how it will be visually depicted. The use of imagery and symbols to represent ideas and feelings comes into play.

Step 5


Figuring out what to say and how to say it. How a company speaks to its audience has a huge effect on public perception.

Step 6


The look and feel. Layouts of visual elements such as symbols, typography, color palette, photography, paper, and graphic components finally get chosen or created.


Step 7


The process of making it come to life. This can be anything from building a website, to printing a brochure, to manufacturing a sign.

Step 8


The launch. Where all the hard work goes public. The first 7 steps don’t amount to much if they aren’t put into action.

Step 9


A service that will make your marketing department very happy! It makes warehousing, shipping, and tracking orders simple and efficient.

Step 10


Getting seen, heard, and understood by your audience through a variety of mediums developed through a marketing plan.

The road to success is easy with a good strategy.