Reduce Your Marketing Headaches with Fulfillment and Distribution Services

Marketing fulfillment and distribution are often seen as two separate practices. On one hand, you have the creation of marketing and brand assets, while the other deals with storing collateral, transportation, and last-mile delivery.

Fulfillment and distribution go hand in hand. These two services work seamlessly together, helping businesses focus on growth rather than day-to-day processes.

Logistics is a critical component of fulfillment; even a small margin of error can disrupt a company’s marketing supply. It’s essential to partner with an established fulfillment provider that has the experience to provide these services with efficiency and reliability.

Let’s explore how outsourcing your handling, shipping, and order tracking can save you time and money.

Easy, Error-Free Assembly and Handling

Organizing a complete marketing strategy and handling the collateral is a challenge, even for experienced marketing teams. If you’re addressing the needs of multiple offices, events, and campaigns, the situation becomes even more challenging.

Skip the roadblocks and outsource the handling to a fulfillment provider. Fulfillment experts carry the weight and take the handling burden off of you. In the process, you’ll be able to:

  • Let your employees make better use of their time.
  • Reduce shipping and handling errors.
  • Better protect your products with packing expertise.
  • Easily organize and assemble packages, including kits containing multiple products.
  • Save money with discounted shipping rates.

Pay the Best Shipping Rates

An experienced fulfillment provider can add valued shipping services that give you and your customers a positive delivery experience. There are hundreds of shipping options on the market, but a fulfillment provider helps you choose a suitable carrier and service for your marketing goals.

Regularly reviewing your shipping details ensures you’re paying the best rates and getting the fastest turnaround times. Your fulfillment provider can do this as part of their service by negotiating better rates with major shipping companies.

The bottom line is you want to optimize your shipping strategy by keeping your fees low and your delivery times fast. Work with a reputable partner that sifts through the variables to provide the best fit for your distribution needs.

Stay Connected with Full Order Tracking

In today’s market, customers expect shipping information soon after ordering a product. The same is expected with business-to-business transactions. Timely updates go a long way in building trusting relationships and repeat business.

Our fulfillment process offers full tracking from purchase to delivery. Each user can view order status online and receive tracking notifications via email.

Having a full suite of order tracking brings about greater transparency and visibility. It allows your business to address issues in real time. Reducing friction in the fulfillment process adds value to your long-term marketing strategy and branding success.

Eliminate Growing Pains and Focus on Your Business

Marketing fulfillment and distribution share a symbiotic relationship. One doesn’t function wholly without the other.

Luckily, a quality fulfillment provider offers both services, allowing you to track orders from start to finish and have items packaged and shipped for you. All of this saves time and helps you stick to your marketing budget.

Focus on the bigger picture and fully establish your marketing strategy without the burden of organizing logistics.