Tallgrass Studiosʼ Identity Strategy to Branding Success

Developing a successful identity strategy for your product or service is key to the Tallgrass Studios’ Identity Plan. Beginning with answers to the classic investigative questions of Who? What? When? Where? and Why?, we develop your brand by correlating the answers with your company’s mission and/or goals.

Your company’s brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name. It is the image of you that your customers see, feel and think about your company, your services or your products. The elements used to convey the image include each of these promotional elements – but more importantly, your image conveys your essence and defines you in the marketplace.

Apple is a recognizable example of the concept of a company image. They sell computers and phones but….is that what people think or feel about them? No, people think they sell well-designed, easy to use computers and phones – that is the essence of the company, their brand.

Tallgrass Studios has developed an Identity Strategy that will guide you to create your own “brand” that will set you apart from your competition by relaying the essence of what you are. Your brand will work with your business model to communicate a clear, consistent message.

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Identity Planning

Image Analysis

Branding Strategies

Individual Consulting

Custom Presentations

Focus Groups

Marketing Strategies


Concept Development

Creative Direction

Content Construction

Design Execution

Design Production

Digital Design



Pre-Press Production

Print Fulfillment

Inventory Management

Online Ordering

Direct Mail Services

Sign Design & Specs

Sign Supervision

Vehicle Graphics

Video Direction

Video Production

Website Programming

Website Management


Tallgrass Studiosʼ 10 Step Process to Project Success

Step 1 Research
Step 2 Analysis
Step 3 Concept
Step 4 Copy
Step 5 Creative
Step 6 Design
Step 7 Production
Step 8 Implementation
Step 9 Fulfillment
Step 10 Promotion